Yahoo, Virgin Mobile Reach Mobile Search Agreement

From DailyTech: Yahoo and Virgin Mobile jointly announced that Yahoo will now become the sole mobile search provider for the British mobile phone operator's four million subscribers.

Yahoo now has about 80 percent of the British search market, up from around 76 percent. Virgin subscribers will have access to the Yahoo oneSearch platform starting on Monday, December 8.

Although exact details of the working partnership haven't been released, Yahoo's mobile platform, called oneSearch, has been designed so it returns search results directly to the first screen instead of listing links like a regular search engine.

Yahoo and Virgin will share revenue, ringtones, wallpapers and other similar phone features can be downloaded or clicked on.

Virgin also introduced a new 30 pence per day mobile Internet tax that will have "unlimited access" of up to 25MB per day to apply. Customers who exceed 25MB per day will have to pay £2 each MB they go over.

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