Microsoft's Windows 7 Beta 1 Leaks

From DailyTech: With Windows 7 scheduled to hit retailers mid-to-late 2009, Microsoft has been working in a frenzy to prepare for its launch. It bumped up the development schedule for Windows Vista's second service pack, airing its beta early this month. Windows 7 itself has been on a tough schedule itself, dropping milestone releases that have been creating a great deal of public buzz.

Some have questioned whether Microsoft can accomplish the sharp turnaround in several key areas like overhead and compatibility, which it has promised for Windows 7, in the shorter development cycle. Others have been impressed by the early promising signs of the milestone releases.

Microsoft made news yesterday when the very-significant first beta of Windows 7 leaked to torrents as an ISO file. The beta won't be released to testers until next month, but those eager to try it out can catch it on torrent for now.

How does it look? Well, early impressions show some minor differences from previous builds, but an experience remarkably similar to that presented to developers at the PDC conference and critiqued by reviewers in the form of milestone releases.

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