Intel, Yahoo Technology will Be Inside Many TVs at CES 2009

From DailyTech: People in America and around the world became accustomed to entertainment supported by ads with TV. When the internet came along, people rapidly became accustomed to internet browsing not supported by ads and often reacted harshly when ads were introduced to the medium.

Yahoo and Intel are trying to bring a new way to provide information and ads to TV. The Yahoo Widget Channel will be the first piece of software to take advantage of a new processor that Intel hopes to see integrated into the vast majority of TV sets being sold called the Intel Media Processor CE 3100.

Both of the companies are keen for consumers to understand that this is not another attempt to turn their TVs into computers. Intel tried that approach already with its failed Viiv brand. What the Yahoo Widget Channel will do is cater to the TV viewer by allowing them to connect with other people, find more information about actors or shows they are watching and more.

The technology will be integrated into a number of TVs that will be seen at CES 2009 next month. Major electronics makers including Samsung, Toshiba, and others will be showing TVs at CES 2009 that integrate Intel's new technology.

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