Google offers 'experimental' Quick Search Box tool for Macs

From InfoWorld: oogle has released a search box tool for Macs that it believes will eventually make searching outside the browser a breeze.

In a Google blog posting, the company revealed that it is interested in beta testers willing to participate in taking the Google Quick Search Box from an "experimental" state to a fully formed powerful search tool.

The blog post reads: "One of our goals at Google is to make your search experience as fluid as possible. While much of our work is focused on, we're trying to make it just as easy to search outside your browser.

"For the last year, we have been working on a new, open-source quick search box. Today, we are releasing our first developer preview for the Mac."

The posting, written by Google Mac Team members Nicholas Jitkoff and Dave MacLachlan, adds the search box is still at the "experimental" stage.

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