YouTube launches TV-friendly site for consoles

From CNET Don't have an Apple TV or a TiVo box, and have been lusting after watching YouTube videos from your couch? If you've got a Nintendo Wii or a Sony PlayStation 3 video game console, the Google property has just released an overhauled version of its living room-friendly console interface that puts it about on par with those two offerings.

By visiting in your Opera or PS3 browser, you get a new layout that lets you browse and search through videos. Additionally, videos can be set to go full-screen by default, including large, remote control-friendly buttons that don't make you squint. There's also an option to autoplay the next video in a playlist or from search results after the current one is over.

One thing to note is that the special TV version of the site cannot be accessed in your PC's browser without using a special browser add-on like User Agent Switcher, which can trick YouTube into thinking that you're visiting the site from your console. If you've got a Mac Mini hooked up to your TV, this might be your best bet.

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