T-Mobile gains more ground as Sprint merger nears

From CNET: Outspoken T-Mobile CEO John Legere is playing it low-key this time.

On Monday, the "Un-carrier" posted third-quarter results -- usually a chance for Legere to jump on a conference call to crow about the company's performance or to bash its competitors. But aside from a seven-minute video Q&A segment and a quote in a press release, Legere is remaining mum.

That's because T-Mobile is that close to a deal to merge with Sprint, and Legere & Co. would probably like to avoid questions they wouldn't be able to answer.

"With all the rumors and speculation out there, we decided that we wanted to make sure you all saw and focused the Q3 results, and not just on the rumors and speculation that seem fill the news every day," Legere said in the video blog.

T-Mobile and Sprint, and their respective parents, German carrier Deutsche Telekom and Japanese carrier SoftBank, all still expect to announce a deal, according to a person familiar with the talks. Bloomberg reported on Thursday that the merger would be delayed for a few weeks.

So for now, T-Mobile is focusing on its quarterly results, which saw the nation's third-largest carrier add 595,000 postpaid phone subscribers, or customers who pay at the end of the month and typically boast higher bills and credit scores. It added a total of 817,000 postpaid customers when factoring in other connected devices like tablets and wearables.

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