Nintendo Reveals Switch Players Favor Handheld Mode

From PC Mag: The Switch was a risk for Nintendo as the hybrid console attempted to be two devices in one. It can act as a games console hooked up to a TV all the time, but it can also be used as a handheld games machine, or as a tabletop gaming device. So which mode is the most popular?

As Eurogamer reports, Nintendo decided to publish Switch usage data as part of a six month financial results briefing (PDF). The usage data was revealed in the slide I've included below.

What the slide shows is the breakdown of usage by players. Where a player falls depends on which mode they favor for at least 80 percent of the time. TV Mode is used most of the time by around 18 percent of players, so they treat it as a games console. But the portable modes: Tabletop and Handheld Mode, account for 30 percent of players, so they treat it more like a 3DS handheld. Nintendo states Handheld mode is the primary use here, suggesting Tabletop Mode isn't that popular.

More interesting than that, though, is the fact 50 percent of owners use it as a hybrid and flip between using it as a games console hooked up to a TV and carrying it around gaming on the 6.2-inch display. This suggests Nintendo's gamble paid off and consumers really do want a hybrid they can use anywhere.

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