Google's Chrome Browser to Stamp Out Sneakier Pop-Up Ads

From PC Mag: As developers come up with even peskier ways to show you online ads, Google is countering with new features to block them out.

An upcoming version of Google's Chrome browser will stamp out surprise ads that activate when a website you're visiting unexpectedly navigates you to a new page.

Chrome already blocks pop-up ads, but sneaky developers have managed to bypass these protections. They can do so by secretly embedding some code into a website that'll trigger a redirect to a new destination.

These unwanted redirects have become a complaint among users, Google wrote in a Wednesday blog post. "1 out of every 5 feedback reports from Chrome users on desktop mention encountering some type of unwanted content," the company said.

The unwanted redirects often come from "third-party content" embedded in the page that even the website's author isn't aware of, Google said.

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