The Foundry Company Becomes “Globalfoundries”

From X-bit Labs: On Wednesday the former Foundry Company (TFC) announced its new name: Globalfoundries. Advanced Micro Devices and Advanced Technology Investment Company (ATIC), the owners of the newly formed contract maker of semiconductors, hope that the company will not only allow AMD to manufacture its central processing units at low cost, but also enable other chipmakers to take advantage of leading-edge process technologies.

“The launch of Globalfoundries represents a historic day for our industry, one which will permanently change the market landscape by launching the world’s first truly global foundry services provider. With two committed joint venture partners providing strong technology and capital resources, our company brings a unique set of global capabilities to the market that will enable our customers to fully unlock their potential to innovate,” said Doug Grose, chief executive officer of Globalfoundries.

Globalfoundries is led by chief executive officer Doug Grose, formerly senior vice president of manufacturing operations at AMD, and chairman of the Board Hector Ruiz, formerly executive chairman of the board at AMD. The Company is the only U.S.-based global semiconductor foundry and commences operations with approximately 3 thousand employees worldwide with headquarters in Silicon Valley.

Globalfoundries will service the manufacturing needs of AMD and will also offer an expanded roadmap of technologies to third-party customers through its high-volume foundry services. This means that for the first time, early access to volume chip production using leading-edge technologies will not just be limited to only high-end microprocessor makers.

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