Mobile Firefox Reaches Beta, Only Out for Nokia N810

From DailyTech: Mobile browsers generally are lacking in features and compatibility. Some independent browser makers like Opera seek to conquer the low end, pushing lightweight browsers like Opera Mini across more of the market while other seek to conquer the high end smartphone market.

Mozilla's new mobile effort, Fennec, falls into the latter category. The new browser is aiming to be the most full-featured touch screen browser yet.

Fennec just hit Beta 1 and looks promising. It features add-on support, easy address entry and bookmarking, and a high degree of compatibility. Unfortunately, Mozilla is currently only testing Fennec on the Nokia N810 which is more of a mini computer than an everyday cell phone.

Still, Fennec Beta 1 is a sign of good things to come. Hopefully, Mozilla will consider rolling the browser out for the T-Mobile/Google's G1 or the Blackberry Storm -- iPhone users are left out, as Apple only allows browsers that are built on Apple's Safari webkit.

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