For Sale: APH Networks

// 2009 April Fools Annoucement

Due to the declining economy, and my personal lack of time to manage this excellent website, APH Networks is currently for sale to any individual or company looking to make this purchase. APH Networks receives over 3 million hits per month and has an excellent reputation for unbiased and quality reviews.

As part of this deal, you will receive the following:

- The intellectual property right to the name "APH Networks",
- The domain name "" and "",
- All the staff will still work under you until they quit,
- Transfer of all ownership of APH Networks web servers and service providers,
- The right to the screenname "chconline",
- All of Jonathan Kwan's computers, with full data access and passwords,
- APH Network's Paypal account,
- All business/advertising deals and contacts associated with APH Networks,
- And of course the site itself.

Further terms may be negotiated in the process in regards to legal rights and terms and conditions. The base offer for the rights of all of the above is $9,500 USD. Please contact us for further details.