Intel: Integrated Graphics is Where It's At

From Tom's Hardware: We love our graphics hardware. The offerings from AMD and Nvidia are always interesting to track from one generation to the next, each offering a significant jump from the previous to give us prettier, smoother games.

So what is Intel going on about when it says developers have good reason to be looking at integrated graphics? Well, for one, Intel is currently the biggest vendor of graphics parts, outpacing anything from Nvidia or AMD -- and that’s completely thanks to the IGPs that come with the Intel chipsets.

As first reported by CNet, in a recent video posted on Intel’s site, Aaron Davies, a senior marketing manager in the Intel Visual Computing Software Development group explained why game developers need to be paying the most attention to integrated graphics. "Here's your answer: Mercury Research showed that in 2008, for the first time, integrated graphics chipsets outsold discrete (graphics chips), and in 2013, we expect to see integrated graphics chipsets outsell discrete by three to one," Davies said.

Davies reiterated the point again that Intel wants to help developers capture where it believes the market will be when it comes to mobile gaming and integrated graphics from here on. He cited that with laptop sales surpassing desktop sales in 2008, gaming on integrated graphics are more important that ever.

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