Microsoft IE 8 Default Browser Controversy

From DailyTech: The blogosphere is heating up over some some interesting options in the Internet Explorer 8 installation process. Eager to spread its shiny next-generation browser, IE 8, to the masses, Microsoft has included an option which resets the user's default browser in what some argue is too subtle a manner. The "Express" option during the IE 8 install is designed to make the install quicker and easier for novice users. However it also contains what is coming as a surprise to some -- it make IE 8 the default browser, without a popup prompt or question screen (though it does mention this in the Express option's description, see the screen shot).

The move is garnering attention, as typically such important use decisions are left to the user via an independent dialog box. Further, many simply are installing the browser out of curiosity, testing it, and then making the discovery that it has replaced Firefox as the browser used to open links and other such duties reserved for the default browser.

A Microsoft spokesperson, spoke with DailyTech and points out that similar options exist in Firefox's install process. Further, she says, the option is clearly indicated with a text description. "You are in control of which option you click," she states, adding, "We do believe Microsoft gives you the safest setting (for browsing). That's why it's selected (as the default) in the 'Express' option."

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