Rambus Allegations Against NVIDIA Rejected

From DailyTech: Rambus and NVIDIA have been fighting a legal battle in court over alleged patent infringement by NVIDIA. Rambus filed suit against NVIDIA in June alleging that technology having to do with memory circuits in NVIDIA GPUs infringed on 17 different Rambus held patents.

NVIDIA general counsel David Shannon said in a statement, "[The patent office] has now initially rejected all of the patent claims asserted by Rambus against NVIDIA in the ITC."

Rambus says that the rejection of the claims is all part of the process. Rambus said in a statement, "The recent action by the [patent office] to re-examine Rambus patents is part of the process and Rambus will have an opportunity to respond."

Reuters reports that Rambus has spent $300 million on legal disputes with different chipmakers since 2000. Rambus wants NVIDIA to pay royalties on the memory circuits that are used in its GPUs. The dispute is far from over at this point for either side.

Analyst David Wu from Global Crown Capital told Reuters, "NVIDIA appears to have won one round in a multi-round contest, so we have a lot more decisions to make before they can declare final victory."

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