Blu-ray Price Drop: Studios Slash Movie Prices

From CNET Could Hollywood finally be getting the message and lowering the prices of Blu-ray movie titles? We hope so. An insightful report by Josh Dreuth at discusses the sudden price drop for Blu-ray titles, which critics have long griped were too steep for the high-def format to gain mainstream acceptance.

Facebook friends don't ask friends for money

From CNET A relatively new Facebook scam has been surfacing in which a user's account is hacked and then used to send messages of alarm to get the user's friends to send money.

Hacking into Web accounts and stealing passwords aren't new. But combining those techniques with the trusted network of friends and acquaintances and broad distribution that the most popular online social network provides is causing some concern.

Authors to Google Book Search: Pay up!

From CNET Authors and publishers of tens of thousands of out-of-print books have submitted claims for compensation from Google Book Search as called for in a settlement agreement to a copyright lawsuit, a lawyer in the case said on Wednesday.

Windows 7 buzz may stall Vista

From CNET The positive buzz for Windows 7 is creating an interesting challenge for Microsoft: It appears to be making it tougher to get businesses to move to Windows Vista.

And it's not like there has been a mad rush on that front to begin with.

Gartner did a survey in October that found about 30 percent of large businesses were likely to skip Vista and a significant number of other companies still hadn't decided what to do.

Nvidia Revenue Drops 60 Percent in Q4

From Tom's Hardware: As with the rest of the computer chip industry, Nvidia saw a significant decrease in business in the fourth quarter. It reported revenue for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2009 was $481.1 million, which represents a decrease of 60 percent from the $1.2 billion for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2008. Nvidia saw a net loss of $147.7 million, or $0.27 per share.

Intel Describes Peculiarities of 32nm Process Technology

From X-bit Labs: Intel Corp. on Tuesday revealed more details regarding its 32nm process technology that will allow the company to build high-performance and, from some point of view, revolutionary processors. Intel believes that yield rates of the new fabrication process will be very high and combined with reduced leakage and other improvements will further improve Intel’s products and manufacturing efficiencies.

Microsoft gets its 10,000th U.S. patent

From InfoWorld: Microsoft is marking on Tuesday the recent awarding of its 10,000th U.S. patent, granted for its surface computing technology.

RIM Releases Patch for Buggy ActiveX Control

From PC World: Research iIn Motion has patched a piece of software for Windows PCs that could leave them vulnerable to attack when loading new applications onto BlackBerry devices.

Many TV stations to make DTV switch next week

From CNET Despite a regulator-approved delay to the nationwide digital TV switchover, more than a third of the nation's TV stations plan to begin broadcasting completely in digital next week.

The Federal Communications Commission on Tuesday released a list of 681 of the nation's 1,800 or so TV stations that plan to make the switch by February 17. TV stations were required to notify the FCC by Monday if they planned to turn off their analog TV signal on February 17.

Intel Targets Back-to-School Season With Core i5, New Chipsets

From DailyTech: Intel's has 32nm plans with Clarkdale and Arrandale for the mainstream value segment, but enthusiasts who are looking for quad core performance at a reasonable price will look at Lynnfield and Clarksfield instead.


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