Quad-core MacBook Pro on the way?

From CNET News.com: Intel sneaked out a new low-cost quad-core mobile processor on Monday, prompting some observers to wonder if Apple will finally release a quad-core laptop.

The lack of fanfare surrounding the 2.53GHz Core 2 Quad Mobile Processor Q9000's introduction--it was merely added to Intel's CPU price list--is certainly interesting. It's a slow news week between Christmas and New Year's, so why not play it up?, is how the logic goes.

Nvidia Eager to Transit Majority of New Chips to 40nm Process Technology in 2009 – Rumours

From X-bit Labs: Nvidia Corp., a leading supplier of graphics adapters, is projected to completely transit its graphics processing units (GPUs) family to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.’s 40nm fabrication process by late Q3 2009. The move will be one of the most aggressive actions of Nvidia in the recent years.

Microsoft downplays Windows Media Player bug

From InfoWorld: Microsoft Tuesday dismissed reports of a critical vulnerability in its Windows Media Player , saying that the researcher who claims the bug could be exploited is wrong.

The flaw is a "reliability issue with no security risk to customers," Microsoft researchers said.

According to researcher Laurent Gaffi, the vulnerability could be used by hackers armed with malformed .wav, .snd, or .mid audio files to compromise a PC running Windows XP or Vista .

Researchers Devise Undetectable Phishing Attack

From PC World: With the help of about 200 Sony Playstations, an international team of security researchers have devised a way to undermine the algorithms used to protect secure Web sites and launch a nearly undetectable phishing attack.

MSI Netbook sports solid-state and hard drives

From CNET News.com: The U115 Hybrid, unveiled Monday, comes with a solid-state disk for most of the PC's operations, together with a hard-disk drive that can optionally be used for storage. An "ECO on mode" temporarily disengages the hard drive; MSI claimed this mode extends battery life, as solid-state drives are generally more power-efficient than their spinning-disc counterparts.

RIAA Loses Retrial Appeal In Thomas Case

From DailyTech: The Jammie Thomas case was a landmark event for the Record Industry Association of America (RIAA) and their pricey legal war against file sharing, marking their first trial to go before a jury for a verdict. The RIAA secured a record $220,000 verdict from the jury, with some jury members calling on single mom Jammie Thomas to pay over three million dollars for two dozen named tracks allegedly infringed.

Oracle Doubles Resellers In VAD Remarketer Initiative

From CRN More than 1,000 resellers are now transacting deals through Oracle (NSDQ:ORCL)'s VAD Remarketer program, the vendor's initiative to expand sales of Oracle software to SMBs and compete more effectively against Microsoft (NSDQ:MSFT).

Server makers get Goooogled

From EETimes: Elements of Google's most secretive product--its unique PC server design--is beginning to ripple throughout the rest of the industry.

Like many companies with giant Internet data centers, Google uses big clusters of commodity x86 servers. But unlike its competitors such as Yahoo and Microsoft, it has created a motherboard design tailored for big data centers.

Intel, Yahoo Technology will Be Inside Many TVs at CES 2009

From DailyTech: People in America and around the world became accustomed to entertainment supported by ads with TV. When the internet came along, people rapidly became accustomed to internet browsing not supported by ads and often reacted harshly when ads were introduced to the medium.

Intel launches low-cost quad-core mobile chip

From CNET News.com: Intel has launched a low-cost quad-core mobile processor and added more mobile Core 2 Duo processors to its chip lineup, according to an updated price list dated December 28.


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