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While I will not assume all northeastern Calgarians are dangerous and sketchy, I do have some apprehension when I travel in the area. Its reputation for less than ideal behavior will never be changed in my head, and no amount of good food places found there will shake this. After seeing, feeling, and listening to these Quad Drivers from the new company 1MORE, I have to say you can color me impressed. From its build quality, you can see a lot of thought went into producing a polished off device. Its turbine-like enclosure with its sleek cable and overall finish just shouts premium. The inclusion of the many different accessories is also another plus in my books. When it comes to audio performance, it is able to pull out some punches. The fun-sounding V-shaped characteristic is present, but each frequency range is also quite good. We have richness and clarity in all ranges and nothing gets lost in complicated pieces. However, there are still some things I think 1MORE could refine here. For one, the soundstaging capabilities of the Quad Driver, while not bad on its own, could still be improved upon. I also would like to see some sort of way to reduce the rustling wire noises. At a suggested price tag of $200 USD, the Quad Driver are directly in competition with the V-MODA Zn, which I still prefer for its overall acoustic properties. However, the Quad Driver also can be found for $50 USD cheaper, which makes it more attainable. All in all, I think the Quad Driver has qualities that make it competitive. Moreover, 1MORE has proven it is very capable at producing high quality headphones, which is something I hope I never shake from my head.

1MORE provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The 1MORE Quad Driver may be the new kid on the block, but it definitely brings some veteran sounds with it.

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