Asus EAH3870 (ATI 3870) TOP 512MB Review (Page 6 of 10)

Page 6 - Benchmark: Half Life 2: Lost Coast

The Source engine based Half-Life 2: Lost Coast with HDR implementation as well as complex facial texture rendering proves to be not too challenging for the ATI video card -- it kept up nicely against the more expensive NVIDIA 8800 series cards based off the G92 core. On the other hand, the factory overclocked 3870 from Asus did really well and outperformed even the 8800GTS G80 in our Half-Life 2: Lost Coast custom timedemo.

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1. Introduction, Specifications, Bundle
2. AMD 3870 Architecture
3. A Closer Look, Test System
4. Benchmark: FEAR
5. Benchmark: Prey
6. Benchmark: Half Life 2: Lost Coast
7. Benchmark: CS:Source HDR
8. Benchmark: 3DMark06
9. Power Usage, Overclocking
10. Noise Factor and Conclusion