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Even though it has been a while since I last reviewed a closed-loop liquid cooler, the be quiet! Pure Loop 240mm reminds me of a lot of the advantages of using an AIO cooler. From the get-go, the be quiet! Pure Loop 240mm checks off all the typical boxes you may expect from a quality AIO. Its aluminum radiator combined with a flexible braided rubber tubing are excellent. The decoupled pump and water block are a neat departure from typical closed-loop cooler designs, making for a theoretically quieter operation. Its copper water block with nickel plating is finished off well and does not show any deficiencies. Visually speaking, I do like the looks of the Pure Loop 240mm, especially with the brushed metal finish on the water block. Some may cry foul at the lack of ARGB lighting, but I think the glowing white LEDs around the water block makes for a simple and clean finish. The two included Pure Wings 2 120mm fans spin fast and push a decent amount of air through the radiator. I appreciate the fact be quiet! has given users the capability to maintain the Pure Loop, at least in terms of providing a fill port and top-up coolant to extend the lifespan of the AIO. In terms of performance, the be quiet! Pure Loop 240mm was quite capable in keeping the tested CPU cool. It was able to keep up with reputable air coolers, which is a good indicator. On the other hand, the Pure Loop 240mm was not fully able to live up to the be quiet! name because it still was a bit noisier than our air coolers. This is an expected downside, especially as there are more moving parts than an air cooler and the included fans were audible even in idle situations. Personally, I think the be quiet! Pure Loop 240mm strikes an acceptable balance between noise and cooling performance so I cannot really fault it fully. At the time of this review, the be quiet! Pure Loop 240mm can be found for around $95 USD, which is priced competitively for its performance and feature set. As such, the be quiet! Pure Loop 240mm is a solid entry into the AIO market in performance and simplicity.

be quiet! provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The be quiet! Pure Loop 240mm all-in-one liquid cooler balances performance and noise well, while offering a simple and clean finish throughout.

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