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With the FX lineup released for be quiet!'s 20th anniversary, I think the be quiet! Pure Rock 2 FX fits in well as an improvement on stock cooling options while also adding a bit of eye candy. In a physical stance, the Pure Rock 2 FX is a pretty decent cooler. It is given the full-black finish that integrates well into any build, while its material composition is as expected for a budget cooler. Its asymmetrical build also ensures we do not run into memory clearance issues. The inclusion of the Light Wings 120mm PWM high-speed fan is quite good, with a tasteful amount of RGB that looks like an upgrade from the Pure Rock 2 Black in the visual department. Installing the Pure Rock 2 FX is generally straightforward, although it could have been simplified with an affixed plate on the cooler and a more robust backplate. When it comes to performance, the be quiet! Pure Rock 2 FX shows its more economical nature with average but sufficient cooling capabilities on my Intel Core i5-12600K. It keeps our tested system cool enough to maintain its maximum boost frequencies, but it also gets warmer than its competition. On the other hand, this cooler maintains a pretty quiet output, even under full load, which really lives up to the name of the brand. While this probably contributed to its warmer temperatures, I think the be quiet! Pure Rock 2 FX is still a solid cooler all around. During the anniversary sale, this will be available for $40, which is a $13 discount from its regular MSRP. At either price point, the be quiet! Pure Rock 2 FX is a compatible and capable cooler that does not break the bank while staying silent as a stone.

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be quiet!'s Pure Rock 2 FX is a quiet but performant cooler that offers extra ARGB LED lighting on the fan.

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