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The Cooler Master MasterBox MB600L V2 is a minimalist case with nothing standing out too much. The outer design has no curves, being very straight-edged and box-like. The color black is consistent throughout the entire outside of the case. This case contains a tempered glass side panel on the left side. While this is great for users who want to see their RGB components, it is important to note that fingerprints can easily be left on them. Keeping a cleaning cloth around is a good idea for maintaining the cleanliness of the tempered glass. The other side panel is made of steel with the same black finish that covers the rest of the case.

The front panel is made from metal and has a brushed finish that looks very clean, adding to the minimalist look. Mesh intakes are seen on the sides of the front panel to provide additional airflow, which is a nice design choice. There is also the Cooler Master hexagon logo on the front panel, which is supposed to emit RGB LED lighting from fans mounted at the front. The front panel is held on by plastic clips, which can be removed by squeezing the clips on both sides and pulling off the front. The front panel contains a 5.25" drive, which means an internal optical drive can be installed if desired by the user. The Cooler Master MasterBox MB600L V2 is about average size for an ATX case with measurements coming in at 455mm length, 204mm width, and 455.3mm height. It weighs in at 6.24 kg, which is lighter than your average mid-tower chassis.

At the top of the case, we can see the I/O panel, which is located at the front edge. Going from left to right, we have two USB 3.2 Type-A ports, hexagon-shaped power button, combined 3.5mm audio jack, reset switch, and an HDD activity light. The lack of a USB Type-C port is disappointing given it is 2021, but not a deal-breaker by any means. The single audio/microphone jack is another nice feature of this product.

The Cooler Master MasterBox MB600L V2 features an opening for fans or a liquid cooling radiator on top. It has accommodation for up to two 120mm fans, one 140mm fan, or a radiator of equivalent size. Traditionally, case designers install top-mounted fans to efficiently draw heat away from the processor and other heat-generating internal components. This makes sense as heat rises, but also comes with the drawback of dust accumulating in the system when the PC is turned off. The removable dust filter attached at the top will mitigate this issue by preventing dust from entering. The dust filter can easily be removed by just peeling it off. The gap between the filter and the chassis is hardly noticeable. Another thing worth mentioning about the gap between panels is the connection between the tempered glass side panel and the front panel. The connection is smooth, small, and has no sharp edges between the two panels.

The back of the case is exactly what you would expect from a mid-tower ATX case. A pre-installed 120mm fan is mounted at the top right beside the cut-out for the motherboard I/O shield. Seven horizontal expansion slots can be seen directly below the fan and the motherboard opening. All seven expansion slots can be taken off to make room for GPUs or any expansion cards that may take up an expansion slot on your motherboard. An opening for the power supply can be seen below the horizontal expansion slots. A Cooler Master 120mm fan mounted on the exhaust port is included from the factory, which will be discussed on the next page. Tools are not required to remove the side panels. The four captive thumbscrews keeping the side panels attached to the case can easily be unscrewed and the side panels can be slid off.

Two sets of large feet can be seen at the bottom of the case. These feet raise the Cooler Master MasterBox MB600L V2 about 1.5cm above the resting surface. Raising a case above its resting surface serves the purpose of providing better ventilation for the case. The two sets of large feet can be seen at the bottom of the case. The feet are circular in design, which is a neat choice. There are also small circular pads on each foot designed to reduce vibration. I feel they are a good size to reduce vibration at a reasonable level, measuring approximately 30mm in diameter. The feet are not removable.

A magnetic removable dust filter can be seen near the back. This dust filter will help maintain clean air intake for your power supply. I am also happy to see the slits are not terribly thick, meaning they will not block a lot of the airflow. The filter is simply a metallic flap that does not come reinforced by any plastic frame, so you will have to use your fingers to slip it off. It also feels a bit cheap since it is frameless. Note the power supply of this case is bottom-mounted, therefore the ventilation area behind the filter is designed for the power supply.

Overall, the Cooler Master MasterBox MB600L V2 has excellent build quality. The steel material making up the case is very solid and does not feel cheap in any way, especially the brushed front panel. The surface and edges feel smooth on the fingers. The side panels fit very well and are tightly held in position by the captive thumbscrews, making the gaps between the panels very small and even. The tempered glass also exhibits quality attributes in terms of distortion or lack thereof. Cooler Master did a great job with the outside build, putting a lot of care into many aspects that make for good construction.

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