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Back to the question I asked in the introduction of this review, I can confidently say all five of the Cooler Master MasterFan Pro models are more than qualified to solve our system’s heating problem without producing annoying sounds. The overall design of the series is simple and compact, which means Cooler Master aims to deliver a series of practical yet good looking products in my opinion. In terms of material, rubber mountings were used to deliver low vibration and noise, glossy coating provided low air resistance, and the POM bearing was applied for long life expectancy of up to 490,000 hours. According to our test results, the airflow and air pressure performance was excellent for all the MasterFan Pro fans. They should be able to lower the temperature in a computer case in a quiet manner, whether they are mounted on the case or on a heatsink, depending on the variant you buy. For different cooling and noise level requirements, the MasterFan Pro series allows the user to freely choose the suitable maximum RPM between three modes. My only complaint is it is hard to change between the modes without poking at the switch with a sharp object. At the end of the day, it all boils down to price. I found the prices of these fans to be very fair. At press time, the 120 Air Flow, Air Pressure, and the Air Balance are all sold at about $18 USD each, while the 140 Air Pressure and 140 Air Flow is about $20 and $18, respectively. Either way, they are all $20 and under. I think they are quite competitive considering their high performance. For your next build, it is easy to say the Cooler Master MasterFan Pro 120 and 140 series is an excellent choice.

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The Cooler Master MasterFan Pro series provides excellent airflow, air pressure, and low noise level performance at a reasonable price.

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