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Is the Corsair Gaming Harpoon RGB the budget mouse to buy for the professional internet warrior on a budget? For about $30 at the time of release, it is quite a bit cheaper than the SteelSeries Rival 100. In fact, Corsair's offering is only three-quarters of the price. Impressively, what Corsair Gaming brings to the table is not three-quarters of the performance. Instead, in almost every way, the Harpoon RGB is a better mouse. It features a superior PixArt PMW3320 optical sensor that not only spans a wider sensitivity range, but also the ability to configure the sensitivity at 250 DPI increments. This makes it much more usable than being limited to one of eight presets on the Rival 100. The Harpoon RGB also delivers great tracking precision up to around 1500 DPI. Although sensor's tracking precision does drop off a bit after that, and lift off distance is not as low as some performance products, remember this is a value sensor in a value oriented product after all. Sensor aside, the $30 Corsair Gaming Harpoon RGB has an RGB lighting system, matte soft touch paint with both sides made out of a textured rubber grip, and great build quality. What more do you want for this price? My only complaint relates to Corsair Utility Engine. Although CUE is very powerful and generally straightforward to use thanks to a great graphical user interface, it has some aspects that can be frustrating in practice. Other than that, it is hard to whip up a bigger list of complaints, especially for this price. If you like mice that are small and light, and this device fits your gripping style, the Corsair Gaming Harpoon RGB is the budget mouse to buy for the professional internet warrior on a budget.

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The Corsair Gaming Harpoon RGB is a lot of mouse for not a lot of money.

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