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While I can neither confirm nor deny if the Corsair Gaming HS60 Surround is the same physical headset as their previous HS50 Stereo, I am still quite happy with what Corsair has done here. With its clean design, something I have lauded this headset enough for, and sturdy build in quality and materials used, I would understand why Corsair would want to keep using the same headset. Everything is very well built and the headset feels solid. It also keeps a lot of the features I think most users would want, including an integrated volume wheel, microphone mute button, and cross-platform compatibility. The removable microphone is placed well and is flexible enough to be put in any position. What does change with the HS60 is the inclusion of the USB sound card, which can add surround capabilities while providing a consistent source for audio. In addition, it unlocks the CUE software experience, which adds a few additional pieces of customization. As for its performance, the Corsair Gaming HS60 Surround actually does quite well considering its price point. With a fun-sounding V-shaped sound signature, the headset makes for a good immersive experience. There are still areas to improve upon, especially if it is to be used for heavy music listening, but I think most gamers will be quite happy with the sound quality from this headset. Its soundstaging capabilities in stereo mode is also quite decent, which is another plus for the gaming side of things. When in surround mode, I think the headset performs decently, though the virtualization still adds a noticeable distortion. Otherwise, there are still a few things to improve upon, as I would have liked for a bit more resistant of a volume wheel and plusher ear muffs. Even still, I think the Corsair Gaming HS60 Surround is a very good product. At $70 USD, it is not necessarily the cheapest gaming headset in this budget-oriented region. If you do not think you need the USB sound adapter, you can still pick up the older Corsair Gaming HS50 Stereo, but I think the premium added for the USB sound adapter is worth your while to unlock your software experience and add a consistent audio source.

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The Corsair Gaming HS60 Surround packages excellent build quality and good audio reproduction into a clean and functional design.

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