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The Corsair K70 Core is a wonderful new rendition of the K70 lineup. The overall build quality is quite rigid due to the aluminum backplate. The design itself is quite pleasing, being nothing out of the ordinary, but also boasting a clean appearance. Corsair opted to use their own MLX Red linear switches with the K70 Core, which resulted in a smooth typing experience. The pre-lubricated switches added to the smoothness of the switches themselves, and made for a more premium experience. In terms of sound, my favorite part about the K70 Core is how the foam layers in the keyboard make for a less noisy typing experience. This keyboard really shines bright with its RGB LED lighting potential, having an immense amount of option and potential when it comes to personalization using iCUE. While on the topic of iCUE, this software provides so much more potential to the K70 Core by providing access to control not only the color going across your keyboard, but the functionality as well. iCUE provides a simple way to customize and remap the keys on your keyboard and adjust the functionality of the knob as well. The knob's functionality was great, and I had no issues with it. The inclusion of a wrist wrest was a nice addition. Some changes that could be made to make the keyboard better would be the inclusion of a braided detachable cable to keep the keyboard more modern, but this is more of a personal preference, as the tangle-free rubber is sufficient. As for the keycap material, I personally prefer the use of PBT plastic, as they generally wear a lot slower and have better durability. PBT also provides a deeper sound when typing. For about $80 at press time, I think the Corsair K70 Core is an excellent buy for anyone looking to upgrade their setup.

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The Corsair K70 Core is an excellent mechanical gaming keyboard using their own MLX Red linear switches with great sound dampening at an affordable price.

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