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Corsair K70 Core Review

By: Jadon Lee
February 9, 2024

If you have been following recent trends in gaming, there is a hugely popular game named Palworld. There has been some controversy regarding the contents of the game, as many people compare it to Pokémon. As many of us know, Nintendo has quite a legal team when it comes to their intellectual property. I am no legal consultant and do not know enough about the legal world, but I personally do not see grounds for Pocket Pair, or the developers of Palworld, to be sued. There have been some interesting mods for the game that have been taken down due to it being quite literally a Pokémon reskin over the original Palworld textures. This mod faced legal troubles, and it was actually quite funny to see the response, as they had made a new mod pack with completely “original” designs. To put it bluntly, every reskin was a Pokémon reference. For example, instead of what we all know as Pikachu, we had a literal yellow rat. While it is fun to see these reskins of Palworld, the game itself is really fun and unique and I hope all goes well for them. Talking about reskins, often times, we see products that seem like a reskin of a previous product, but are actually quite unique. Today, we have the Corsair K70 Core to review. Will this keyboard prove to be more unique than previous K70 renditions like the K70 RGB MK.2 Low Profile, K70 RGB Pro, and K70 RGB TKL Champion Series? Keep reading to find out!

Our review unit of the Corsair Core K70 came in a brown corrugated box that was shipped to us here in Calgary, Alberta, all the way from Fontana, California via UPS Saver. The shipping process was quite good as there were very little marks or dents. I had no worries concerning the condition of the product inside based on the exterior observations.

The K70 Core’s box design is standard to many other Corsair products, utilizing their black and yellow design. It does one thing well even though I do not find the box particularly exciting, and that is to tell you that it is a Corsair product. As usual, the keyboard photo itself is placed in the center of the box. The top left corner has the Corsair logo with the name on the opposite side. Down the left side, it talks about some of the features such as the pre-lubricated switches, sound dampening, and RGB and macro control through iCUE. The back of the box contains some general information regarding the design.

Before we continue, here are the specifications for the Corsair K70 Core, as specified by the manufacturer’s website:

Keyboard CUE Software: Supporting in iCUE
Media and Volume Control: Yes
Keyboard Size: Full Size
Wrist Rest Included: Supported
Keyboard Report Rate: 1,000 Hz
Keyboard Compatibility: PC or Mac® with a USB 3.0 or 3.1 Type-A port|Windows® 10|macOS® 10.15 or later|Internet connection for iCUE software download
Keyboard Warranty: 2 Year
Keyboard Layout: NA
Key Switches: RED
HID Keyboard Report Rate: 1,000 Hz
Keyboard Matrix: 104 Keys
Key Rollover: Full Key (NKRO)with 100% Anti-Ghosting
On Board Memory: Yes
Media Keys: FN Shortcuts
Media Controls YN: Yes
WIN Lock: FN Shortcut
Keyboard Cable Material: Tangle-free Rubber
Keyboard Connectivity: USB 3.0 or 3.1 Type-A
Adjustable Height: Yes
Keyboard Type Size: K70
Keyboard Product Family: K70
Size: Full Size
Weight: 1.429

Out of the box, you will receive the Corsair K70 Core itself alongside its wrist rest and a user warranty manual. The keyboard was wrapped in a nice foam to prevent any surface scratches. The quality of packaging was fitting of my expectations, as there was nothing exceptional, but it did the job adequately. The packaging was nice and simple, while providing a good amount of cushioning to maintain the safety of the product.

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