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Even though the Creative SBS E2900 has nothing particularly exceptional on paper and the $100 price tag is almost too good for a 2.1 computer speaker set, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. And this is coming from us here at APH Networks, where we certainly had our share of irreverent commentary on audio products since 2005. But really though, the Creative SBS E2900 actually sounds pretty good, not just for the price, but in a way, also in spite of the price. The sound was tilted a bit towards the bass, but in the grand scheme of things, there was a lot to appreciate about its sound. In addition to that, the Creative SBS E2900 comes with a bunch of great features. These include a very convenient to use remote control, selectable LED effects for some extra style, a rare but welcomed FM radio tuner, Bluetooth input, and even a USB and SD card reader. There are a few areas of suggestions for improvement in my opinion though. For one, the cables for the satellite speakers are too short to reach places even on an average-sized desk. All of the controls are on the subwoofer, including the infrared receiver, which is a bit out of the way. That said, it is a budget product, and it comes with a remote, which minimizes the inconvenience. When the speakers are off, the volume control LED knob stays on and the orange display blinks continuously, which can be a bit distracting. I also prefer an optical or PC USB input in place of the USB and SD card reader. Although the USB and SD card reader is nice, I cannot imagine many to use it that often in 2021. Lastly, having aptX and AAC support over Bluetooth will improve the wireless streaming audio quality. With all these in mind though, for about $100 at press time, the Creative SBS E2900 does its job well, and does it at an affordable price.

Creative provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The Creative SBS E2900 is a 2.1 computer speaker set that sounds surprisingly good and loaded with more features than you would think for $100.

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