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In honesty, paying an external company to keep surveillance is a tough pill to swallow, but D-Link shows you can have some capable surveillance on the cheap. The D-Link DCS-8010LH comes to us with good build quality. The plastic exterior does not make for the sturdiest of builds and lacking any sort of spill or splash protection is unfortunate, but this should hold up for indoor use. The camera is also well featured on paper with sound and motion detection, day and night recording, and an always-connected interface. Having both cloud and local storage options is pretty nice too. In terms of the mobile application, mydlink is capable in providing the necessities in addition to some things you might not think of. This includes triggering events from different audio or visual cues, allowing users to always preview their captured image, or changing sensitivity zones. There are some small kinks to work out with the user interface and experience, but I think it is still decent. When it comes to image and video quality, the D-Link DCS-8010LH is passable, but only for a security camera. Regardless of resolution, it left blotches all over the place; being 720p is not the main issue, but rather a low quality image sensor in my opinion. It does capture a mostly smooth sixty frames per second, but the detail is not great. At night, the camera is capable of capturing movement generally well, with enough contrast to make out some detail, but it still is pretty messy. Captured audio is also okay, but once again should not be used for anything other than surveillance. Overall, I think D-Link could greatly improve upon the captured video quality. This could be achieved by implementing a better image sensor. In terms of pricing, the D-Link DCS-8010LH is available for $60 USD. At this price, I think the D-Link DCS-8010LH is still a capable camera as long as you are willing to live with some sacrifices.

D-Link provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The D-Link DCS-8010LH is an affordable option for in-home surveillance, but some image quality refinements would be much appreciated.

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