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While some may find it strange that DeepCool would start with a small 65% keyboard, I think they wanted to experiment a bit, while also reaching a more niche market that is not already dominated by other well-known manufacturers. The end result is quite impressive. Starting off, the DeepCool KG722 is built quite solidly despite its compact nature, with a sturdy enclosure and no creaking or flexing observed. I like its understated appearance with its black exterior. The keyboard also comes with a good feature set, including full RGB backlighting, detachable USB Type-C cable, and full N-key rollover with its Gateron switches. The backlighting is bright and even, and the legend placement at the front ensures that wear and tear does not affect its visibility. The software included is functional and offers enough customization options. The typing experience is great, with an excellent feel and sound while typing about provided by the Gateron Red switches. Users will have to take into account the different key placement for some keys as well as the possible need to use more secondary functions. I think this comes with the territory of the 65% keyboard and users that are looking for this form factor should already be aware of these compromises. On the other hand, there are still some areas that I think could be improved. The first is to replace the ABS keycaps with PBT, as they will become shiny over prolonged use. Next, I want some kickstand feet at the bottom. I would also like the option to get multiple switch flavors, including nonlinear and clicky options. Finally, DeepCool should add media keys as secondary functions. At the time of the review, the DeepCool KG722 is available for $80 USD. While this keyboard is targeted to a niche audience, I think DeepCool has done well in providing a solid option at a relatively accessible price.

DeepCool provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The DeepCool KG722 is a sensible 65% small form factor keyboard for the masses.

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