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Did the MG350 prove DeepCool is continually moving to improve their newer mice? For starters, this mouse provided solid performance. The DeepCool MG350 was precise with its tracking movement and responsive to button clicks. The Omron optical switches felt nice to press and were spread out well to avoid accidental clicks while also being close enough for my fingers to reach all buttons without any difficulty. I always appreciate a mouse having two different sensitivity adjustment buttons, as it makes reaching your desired DPI much easier and also provides an extra button to be programmed on it if users decide to just use one button for sensitivity toggling. The MG350 is strongly built with a clean matte black finish that hides fingerprints well thanks to the plastic build that feels solid. The PTFE feet allow the mouse to glide over any flat surfaces cleanly. The MG350 software is easy to use thanks to its simple user interface. There is a good amount of button functions available, which works well for this mouse given it has a total of eight buttons. The mouse does land on the heavier side in 2022, which makes it harder to use for games that require large movements, especially when compared to lighter gaming mice. The LED lighting looks nice, although there are not many options for customization due to the there only being one color and two lighting modes. Also, this mouse works best for those with smaller hands due to its claw and finger grip style fit for the smaller size of this mouse. While this mouse is not impossible for users who prefer a palm-style grip, it might get uncomfortable after some time for those with larger hands. Lastly, this is a minor criticism, but I do also feel that DeepCool should have a universal peripherals configuration software now that they have a whole lineup of gaming mice and keyboards on the market. At a retail price of $60, the MG350 is a solid mouse that proves DeepCool is continually working to improve its peripherals.

DeepCool provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The DeepCool MG350 is a solid performing gaming mouse with the awesome PAW3335 sensor that does not draw too much attention to itself with its simplistic look.

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