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Modularity has become such an important part of the enthusiast market. Although Cooler Master has taken the concept and applied to cases relatively successfully, it is difficult to create something to be modular while still being competitive in the market it serves. It is even more difficult to supply different parts for the product to ensure the modularity is even worth it. I brought up Google's failed Project Ara in the introduction, and I posed the question if the EpicGear MorphA X will be similar. It might have a tough entry into the market, but ultimately can it work? The EpicGear MorphA X is well designed, and did not skimp on the modular components, as almost every part is interchangeable. Everything is well built, and I did not find any inconsistencies. I find this quite impressive, considering how many different components are included with this mouse. Performance wise, everything worked out well, considering it includes what are widely considered as the best optical and laser sensors in the market today. The software requires some work around the edges to make it more user friendly, but overall it works well enough. As for the main selling point, the modular design is quite extensive. EpicGear definitely put plenty of effort into ensuring every bit of the mouse can be changed. The color, switches, weight, and even sensor can be swapped. Each component has two or more options, while the weight is the most customizable out of all the different options. It has been well implemented if you ask me. However, I am still not sure who asked for a modular mouse. It sure is cool, but it also is expensive. The EpicGear MorphA X comes in at $130 USD, but luckily there is a promotion running in May where the price is dropped to $90 USD at a large online retailer. This is still a wallet-heavy mouse, but I would say it is a good price for what you are getting. You are still paying a higher price for the modularity, but it is reasonable, considering it comes with all the different components included in the package. This is a step in the right direction for modularity, and the EpicGear MorphA X, even if it will not revolutionize the mouse market, lets us come together to celebrate the innovation of choice.

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The EpicGear MorphA X is the most customizable mouse on the market today.

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