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If you have read through this review, you will probably see the Fnatic Gear Flick G1 is a pretty satisfying experience. However, if you flicked straight to the conclusion, these are the things you should takeaway. For one, build of the Flick G1 is pretty good. The soft touch surface feels great in the hands, and while it may just be plastic, it never feels cheap. Sensor rattle is not present here, nor are there any unexpected sounds produced from the mouse. Design is simplistic, with a minimal nature. I am glad Fnatic did not overdo it, and kept the branding to a minimum. While we did lose a few buttons in comparison to its predecessor, the Func MS-2, the layout is still excellent. Buttons feel great to press, for both the primary Omron switches and the secondary side buttons. LED lighting here is nice, with an RGB light under the scroll wheel, and functional indicator lights on the side. When it comes to performance, the Flick G1 is another win, with practically zero performance issues overall. Tracking is smooth and reliable throughout multiple genres of games. The software is improved, allowing for better customization in terms of sensitivity increments. Unfortunately, there is a noticeable higher lift-off distance in testing as compared to the MS-2, and it is not adjustable through the software. This is probably the only thing I would fix with the Fnatic Gear Flick G1. Missing custom weights is something I should note, but I feel it is a worthy tradeoff for simplicity. The Flick G1, in addition to all of Fnatic Gear's products, is currently only available from Fnatic Gear's website. They have it priced at $49.99 USD, which is the same launch MSRP of the MS-2. In the end, we have a pretty good trifecta of build, performance, and software, making the Flick G1 a solid choice for a simple gaming mouse, especially if an ambidextrous design is your thing.

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Fnatic Gear took everything good about the Func MS-2, and made it great with the Flick G1.

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