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I found very little issues with the FSP CMT510 Plus throughout my installation process. As a beginner builder, I found the manual quite handy. The manual was very comprehensive, detailing the uses for all the given screws. After organizing the screws, the build process felt smooth in the sense that I knew where everything belonged and which screws to use. I found that there was significant improvement compared to the original FSP CMT510 regarding the RGB implementation. Having the dedicated button allowed me to use both the reset and RGB buttons while having an easier setup. The RGB was simple to use with a single plug to the PSU. Another small issue I found was with the HDD mounts. While the mounts themselves were nice to use, I can see a problem in adding another HDD as there is only a small amount of space for the cables to bend.

I admit, my cable management could have been better, given all that the FSP CMT510 Plus provides. This case provides many loops to tie cables down, assisting in cleaning up the cables. FSP also provides the user with cable ties to use in the case. The power supply chamber has plenty of room for cables to hide away. The break alongside the motherboard makes passing through cables from the back of the case to the front of the case very easy, minimizing the amount of cables seen through the tempered glass. Something I personally would have liked would be Velcro straps as I have previously mentioned as they are easier to use to tie down cables and they simply look cleaner.

In my opinion, the FSP CMT510 Plus looks amazing. I think FSP pulled off the sophisticated look with the simple and modern design. The RGB will be appealing to many users, not just gamers, being not overkill and tasteful. There are nineteen different RGB effects with four different static colors: Red, green, blue, and white. There are fifteen more lighting effects that cycle through the colors. You can connect these fans to your motherboard via a 5V RGB header to customize the lighting further. Unfortunately, I could not explore this feature as my motherboard does not have a 5V RGB header. The RGB complements the case well and allows for user personalization.


When I look at the completed FSP CMT510 Plus build, the only thing I can think is that it looks beautiful. When all the RGB effects are synchronized, the case looks amazing. I think FSP choosing to have only ARGB fans instead of adding another light strip was the right choice. Personally, as someone who is not the biggest fan of RGB and would rather prefer one static color, this case does a really good job at implementing RGB to have someone like me actually appreciate it. Everything about the case seems to play a role into the general aesthetic with each aspect of the case playing off one another. The tinted tempered glass with the three ARGB fans behind it looks clean, and the build quality is excellent thanks to the use of quality components. The tempered glass side panels do make this case a little heavier compare to ones without, but the trade off of weight is a fair game in my opinion. The four included ARGB fans are quiet and seem to function well regarding airflow. The LEDs on the fans are placed around the ring of the fan instead of on the blades, which creates a nice illumination effect. The buttons on the I/O are nice and responsive with a snappy feel to them. Continuing to the inside, everything is fairly standard, and the fan hub is placed appropriately in the top center area at the back of the case. It is a standard setup that works. There is plenty of space for cables to sit and be routed around. I would like to see some Velcro straps to tie down cables as the back of the case is also glass and can be seen through. The HDD and SDD mounts are easy to use, but the cable routing for the HDD might be hard if you are using more than one drive. With the price tag of $120 USD, this case is definitely an excellent pick with the excellent build quality and beautiful tempered glass panels. The case’s refined aesthetics will fit the setup of not only gamers, but professionals as well.

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FSP provides a high-quality case that is visually pleasing with the CMT510 Plus.

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