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Does the CHIONE M3-240W prove GAMDIAS' ability to create quality liquid coolers? Starting with the performance, the GAMDIAS CHIONE M3-240W did a good job at cooling my AMD Ryzen 5 5600X CPU. Even though the idle temperatures were above other AIOs, the load thermals proved the CHIONE M3-240W could deliver solid performance in-line with the competition. The sound output was reasonable enough, especially under regular use. The liquid cooler has a well-built 240mm radiator that looks clean thanks to the less common white finish. The braided Teflon tubes are flexible and easy to move around. The hinges also help with mounting the radiator in almost any position. The water block has a clean copper base with a smooth and flat contact. The infinity mirror on the water block looks great, especially with the lighting. The installation process was easy enough with no issues at any point. The fans do a good job at cooling the radiator and display a good amount of flashy ARGB LED lighting. This goes for the water block as well, with the addressable RGB LED lighting effects looking clean on the reflective glass surface. As far as improvements are concerned, I would say the CHIONE M3-240W could benefit from having longer tubes since the current length is a bit short, especially for larger cases. I also think it could be more convenient for users to have a physical user manual, or at least make the installation guide easier to reach through something like a QR code. The bag of thermal paste is also messy to work with. Lastly, a rotatable logo on the water block would give users more options for water block orientation. In the end, the GAMDIAS CHIONE M3-240W is a solid liquid cooler. At a retail price of $105, I could say this is a very fair price for this competently performing AIO.

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The GAMDIAS CHIONE M3-240W is a solid-performing all-in-one liquid cooler at a reasonable price.

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