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This time around, GAMDIAS provided us with a well-designed and well-balanced gaming product. The GAMDIAS HEBE M1 RGB gaming headset may be massive, but it is also sturdily built. Having no adjustable mechanism on the headband arm is the major reason why I believe it can be used for a very long time. In terms of audio performance, the headset is what you could expect for a gaming product of this price. The bass is deep, although lacks a bit of substance, performs well in action. The midrange and treble works well for the application it is designed for as well. Overall, we can safely say the performance is reasonably normal for a gaming headset. This product also delivers good directional information for FPS games. The GAMDIAS HEBE M1 RGB is a clean looking headset too, featuring a pair of oversized earcups with RGB on them. Instead of using an adjustable mechanism on the headband arm, a tension band is used to hold the headset comfortably in position. For noise cancellation, the oversized earcup design, solid metal headband arm, and foam padding provide a rather good seal. The earcup padding is plushy, thus the comfort of wearing is guaranteed. The only two concerns about this product are the lack of ventilation on the earcups, rather heavy cable, and big plastic controller. One suggestion I can make also is to provide a standalone continuous volume adjusting function on the controller. At press time, the GAMDIAS HEBE M1 RGB is tagged at $70 USD on its official website and you can find that for even cheaper at major retailers. It is a gaming headset worth considering for under $70, and I really enjoyed using it for the games I play.

GAMDIAS provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The GAMDIES HEBE M1 RGB is a well-designed and sturdily built headset that works well for gaming.

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