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The GAMDIAS Zeus P1 definitely meets my expectations of a good gaming mouse. On the topic of performance, the optical sensor provides up to 12800 DPI sensitivity, which is probably more marketing than anything -- but at least under 5000 DPI, the tracking performance is promising. I found for both gaming and productivity work, its on-the-fly DPI changing ability could help me to find suitable settings for different tasks. Interestingly, another lower priced mouse from the company's lineup, the Zeus M1, features a weight tuning system, which is not available for the more expensive Zeus P1. On the other hand, the GAMDIAS Zeus P1 also features higher suitability for hard working office users. This mouse turns out to be the most comfortable palm grip mouse I have ever used. I would like to give most of the credit to its big size. Also, the rubber textured grips helps a lot in terms maneuverability. There are three major features closely related with the pleasant experience of using this product. Firstly, the ergonomic design and the big size of the shell allow the whole palm to be well supported by the mouse. Being comfortable is very helpful when you need to hold the GAMDIAS Zeus P1 for a long time at work. Secondly, the switches have good feel when clicking on them. Thirdly, the rubber textured grips provide just enough gripping force without being too sticky. When you are not holding the mouse, the double level RGB looks astonishing in dark place. Generally speaking, the GAMDIAS Zeus P1 is a well-designed gaming mouse that has both good looking and high performance characteristics. On GAMDIAS' website, the Zeus P1 is tagged as $79.99 USD. However, you can find that for half the price at major retailers at the press time. It is definitely a mouse worth buying for $40, since I could hardly find any other matching competitors with this price tag.

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The GAMDIAS Zeus P1 is a mouse worth buying for only $40 at press time considering its performance. Its RGB lighting effects are the icing on the cake.

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