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It's lit. Even though APH Networks has established writing protocols that specifies the avoidance of the use of contractions in our reviews, I think this is one time I can justify breaking this rule for the sake of language. The GeIL EVO X GEX416GB3200C16DC 2x8GB really is lit. Quite literally, and pun intended. Unfortunately, it is not overclockable, but being specified at DDR4-3200 16-16-16-36 1.35V from the factory, what more can you reasonably expect? So let us focus on what makes the EVO X special: Its illumination system. GeIL's Hybrid-Independent-Light-Module Technology separates the circuitry of the memory and lighting system to reduce electrical noise, but I think this is a moot point, since I was not able to squeeze extra megahertz out of the RAM anyway. That aside, it is compatible with standard motherboard control systems such as Aura Lighting Control from ASUS, Ambient LED from Gigabyte, and Mystic Light from MSI. If you do not own a compatible motherboard, you can simply power it up by an external fan header, which is convenient, but I would much prefer a regular Molex connector instead. Furthermore, while having lit RAM is indeed pretty lit, the EVO X's lighting effects is quite limited without a compatible motherboard. Even at that, a constant glow setting would have been nice, as I do not understand why a steady color selection needs to blink every five seconds, since it could be quite distracting at times. The way I would do it is instead of having a sliding effects selector, simply implement a button that could cycle between colors and effects, sort of like Phantek's LED control in the Enthoo EVOLV ATX Tempered Glass Edition. For $115 at press time, the GeIL EVO X GEX416GB3200C16DC 2x8GB is very reasonably priced compared to other products with the same frequency and capacity. The LEDs are a nice bonus, and when else can you say your RAM is lit? Now, for those RGB SSDs and PSUs you have been waiting for, trust me -- that day will come.

GeIL provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The GeIL EVO X GEX416GB3200C16DC 2x8GB is lit. Literally.

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