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As we look at the massive HyperX Fury S, we have a pretty standard design here. The surface is black with the exception of the relatively large HyperX logo at the bottom right corner. The entire pad is a cloth material. As for other dimensions, it measures 900mm in width, 420mm in depth, and 4mm in thickness. Compared to the other large mat I have, the XTracGear Carbonic XXL, this Fury S is deeper and slightly thicker, while the Carbonic XXL is slightly wider. Even so, both are huge, and I had difficulties fitting it into a photo. The surface on the top feels like cloth, but it does not feel as silky as the Carbonic lineup. We will see the effects of this in our performance tests later on. The bottom features a nice rubber finish to get a good grip on the table. The edges are also braided over to prevent fraying on the sides of the massive mousing surface.

Before we continue on to the surface inspection, let me quickly go over the advantages and disadvantages of cloth-based and hard mousing surfaces. Cloth-based surfaces provide better comfort and control, are easier on mice feet, generates little noise during use, can even out some imperfect surfaces, and is more portable. On the other hand, hard surfaces generally comes with better glide performance, and can be easily cleaned of dust, dirt, and liquid. This can include human liquids too, such as sweat from your hands. Plastic, aluminum, glass, or any other solid surface can easily be run under the tap to restore it to original condition. Now, we will take a closer look at the front surface.

Rather than using my standard photography equipment, I enveloped my scanner with the HyperX Fury S and ran it through at 600dpi just to get a better, more detailed image. Taking a closer look at the top surface, the Fury S looks quite similar to any standard cloth pad. While it is not the smoothest cloth mouse pad I have tried, there are no imperfections or rougher spots. Even the logo area looks and feels consistent with the rest of the pad. There is a slight pattern, though I would say this is less intentional and more for the fact it is a cloth. Overall, there should not be any skipping while or weird tracking issues in different areas of the HyperX Fury S, but we will see when we try it out.

On the back, the HyperX Fury S looks quite different from any other thing I have seen. With the oval pattern you see above, the back of the Fury S features two different feeling surfaces. The oval areas feel slightly indented, while the outlines stick out slightly. Both feel sticky, which should help grip the pad to the table. When you factor in the massive size of the Fury S, I doubt you can accidentally move it about. I would actually be quite surprised if you could do so, considering you will probably have both your keyboard and mouse on top too.

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