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If it was not clear in my review, I generally have pretty standard expectations for cloth mousing surfaces. They should have good build quality, hold to the table well, offer decent control with practically zero noise, even if the latter is at the expense of glide. In the case of the HyperX Fury S, I can say practically all of these boxes have been checked off, meeting all my expectations. For build quality, the Fury S holds up quite well, with a consistent top surface and a grippy underside. There are no blemishes to be found here, even around the logo. The edges are also improved from previous HyperX mousing surfaces, as there are braided edges to prevent fraying. Its size is great for an extra-large pad, with the availability of smaller sizes should you so desire. When it comes to performance, all the expected results are found here. The surface offers good control aspects, with very little noise created by the underside of the mouse and the cloth on the Fury S. Unsurprisingly, the whole mouse pad barely moved during my tests. Thus, I have to say the reality does match up with the expectations, though I think there are a few places where HyperX could have exceeded them, too. For one, while I realize the glide characteristics may not be the best on the Fury S, we have also seen smoother surfaces in fabric, especially from XTracGear's Carbonic lineup. It would be nice to see a smoother surface here in cloth, as to not sacrifice on either glide or control aspects. In addition, while I do not really care much for the aesthetics, some may want a more subtle HyperX logo on the top for a cleaner look. When it comes to retail pricing, the HyperX Fury S is actually not available from our common online retailers as I would expect, as it has yet to be released. However, considering previous generation surfaces from HyperX went for a reasonable price, I would be surprised if the Fury S was anything other than reasonable, too. The HyperX Fury S has not left me embarrassed, as it is a solid product that delivers on what I would expect from an extra-large cloth mousing surface.

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The HyperX Fury S is a down-to-earth mousing surface, meeting my expectations in both build and performance.

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