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Here is the final installation of all the components. As you can see, none of the hardware I installed fit well into the white color scheme, especially the classic Noctua fan colors, haha. The installation went smoothly, and there was nothing that stood out as making the process difficult. As usual, not all the standoffs for an ATX motherboard were installed from the factory, and I had to install several more. One thing about this was the standoffs included in the package are not painted white, while those pre-installed are. This does not really cause any trouble, since the standoffs are always hidden. Otherwise, as I have already mentioned, I think it is an oversight on the part of In Win to not have a dust cover for the front intake, or I guess exhaust in the way In Win intends it to be used. I think it would be better for In Win to leave it up to the user to decide which part to use as an intake.

There is extra room on the bottom to make it easier to install fans, which is nice on the part of In Win. Otherwise, the Scythe Fuma is just big enough to fit into this case. I had to lower the fan slightly, but it fit well. Lastly, I would like to mention the instructions; they are lacking. There are some instructions, but they would not help a beginner to install any of the components. A key to which screws should be used for each piece of hardware would have been useful.

On the back, you can see the size of the motherboard tray cutout. It is not massive, but big enough to make it easier to install the mounting plates for a wide array of coolers. I was able to mostly cable manage the case by just tucking away all the unused cables in the top power supply chamber while tying down some of them to the cable tie loops. As I have previously mentioned, there is also a thin channel on the side to tuck cables behind, which you can see in the above picture. As well, there is about 2.5 cm of room for cable management, which should be enough room for most people.

Here is the completed build. The tempered glass is nice and dark, which would make for some cool RGB LED lighting effects. I really like the blue light illuminating the In Win logo on the front of the case. There are no included fans in the case, and so I will not be conducting a sound test on the case, as it now largely depends on the fans you decide to install. Installing and cable managing all the hardware was quite easy, and the entire process was simple. There was nothing confusing about the case; everything was straightforward to say the least.


After going through the steps of reviewing the In Win 101 with a tempered glass side panel, I can now say with confidence I am part of the APH Networks staff team, haha. Well, I guess we are now able to say that everyone here at APH Networks has reviewed a computer case with a tempered glass side panel. As it is the first case of its kind for me to cover, I am pleasantly surprised. The In Win 101 offers lots of features and at an extremely reasonable price. First off, the build quality is great. It is a solid chassis without corner cutting. As for the design, I quite like the mix of the standard case design with a more elegant and modern side to it. In Win has definitely delivered on their usual aesthetically pleasing chassis. For the In Win 101, there are also other options to choose from. The In Win 101 can be bought with a steel side panel, tempered glass, or an acrylic side panel. Otherwise, the In Win 101 wide compatibility with many different pieces of hardware, allowing for large or smaller components. My main complaint is the side panel exhaust should have had a dust filter included for it to be able to be used as an intake, or at least give the consumer the choice. That said, the main intake for the In Win 101 is the bottom area, which does have a quality dust filter. This will make it hard if your computer is on a carpet though. A smaller complaint is the instructions were lacking for any new builders. However, building in the chassis is quite simple, and the open design makes it easy to install the hardware and route the cables. The In Win 101 can be bought for $70 USD at press time, which is a really good price for a tempered glass case. The In Win 101 offers a great look and easy installation for a competitive price, making it an excellent choice even for a higher end build.

In Win provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The In Win 101 offers an easy to build chassis with an elegant look at a great price.

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