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When it comes to the HyperX Cloud, I can honestly say Kingston is not like my trolling friends. Kingston once again has rolled up its sleeves; this time in collaboration with QPad and technically Takstar, and has produced a great product in this headset. Starting with the design, there are many small things that make the headset a big success. The soft-rubber feel, cool metallic parts, and plushy ears and headband are only the tip of the iceberg. Build quality is extremely tight and well-constructed. All the included extras, even if they may not be all used, are very helpful on Kingston’s part to allow users to use the headset in all situations. The HyperX Cloud lives up to its name when it comes to comfort, as this headset is very comfortable on your head. While it is not actually very light, I cannot repeat myself enough to say the wearing experience is great. When it comes to the audio reproduction, the Kingston HyperX Cloud proves to be a worthy start, but a few flaws keep it from being great. For one, the lacking volume of the bass is really unfortunate, as everything else about the bass is not too bad. The treble and midrange are also clean, but are a tad dry. Transitions between the three frequencies are missing in action, as it is not as smooth as it could be. Finally, soundstaging and imaging is admirable, but just missing the complete three-dimension. At the end of the day, we are just being really picky here, so let me make it clear to you what we really have in front of us today: The Kingston HyperX Cloud is physically a great headset with many positives in terms of build and design. As for the sound quality, the few items I mentioned above need to be tackled before this headset goes from being good to great -- but for anything to be considered 'good' here at APH Networks is, indeed, a pretty high standard already. Looking at online retailers, the Kingston HyperX Cloud can be found for as low as $80 USD, and is a great price for a decent performing headset. Kingston has set the bar high for their first gaming headset, and I can only see even better headsets coming from this company in the future.

Kingston provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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Kingston’s first run at gaming audio is a genuinely a great start. A few improvements here in there will turn the HyperX Cloud from pretty good to really good.

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