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On paper, the Maonocaster C2 Neo is a smart progression for the audio input game. In its construction, everything is generally built well, even with its plastic build. We have necessary knobs and buttons to give users the ability to adjust levels, both in and out, to suit their needs. Better yet, the Maonocaster C2 Neo does not need to be plugged in with its internal battery. From its many buttons, you can also see the C2 Neo has different effects to add reverb, pitch changes, or noise cancellation. The headphone monitoring lets users directly hear what is coming through, or act as an external DAC for listening to music. We also have features like loopback or side chain functions, which can be handy for content creators. When we put these capabilities to the test, these functions work as expected. However, the Maonocaster C2 Neo's issues also begin appearing when we start using it. For one, the USB connectivity and power situation is a mess. In its attempt to accommodate both at home and on the go users, it sacrifices the experience for traditional computer users. Secondly, the knobs and sliders are too easy to accidentally move. Thirdly, its effects can feel artificial and can lead to other side-effects. The noise cancellation is the biggest offender, as it cuts off my voice unnaturally. Finally, the biggest offense is the messy audio input and output. Regardless of the microphone connected, the incoming audio had a lot of noise. Similarly, audio coming out through the headphone jack was filled with an audible hiss. These things really diminish the quality of the C2 Neo, even in light of its accessible price. Speaking of which, it is no doubt the $60 price tag is competitive. However, while I am happy to see products like this, I cannot ignore the compromises that were made here, and I can only hope to see improvements going forward.

Maono provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The Maonocaster C2 Neo audio interface and mixer combination offers audio flexibility, but its result is mired by usability and execution issues.

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