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If you frequent the crowd-funding website Kickstarter, you probably have noticed there is a new pocket drone picking up quite a bit of publicity. More specifically, the Anura, which is dubbed as "The Beginning of the Drone Era for the Masses", and has been covered by large technology websites like Gizmodo and Digital Trends. While it is not the most powerful of drones like the Lockheed Martin Fury or Desert Hawk III, this pocketable device is attractive to users because of its mobility and relatively low price. This is where we find the same situation for our OCZ ARC 100 240GB. Looking at the SSD as a whole, I cannot lie by saying this is the fastest of drives, because quite frankly, it is not. While the ARC 100 keeps a similar sturdy design with similar internal parts we have seen on past OCZ drives, the benchmarks are quite revealing of the actual ability. Yes, you could knock it out of contention just because of the synthetic performance alone. The tested speeds are not bad considering there were a few select tests where the ARC 100 was able to match other top-notch SSDs, especially in tests reflecting a real life performance. However, this OCZ ARC 100 is not meant to be the flagship of OCZ. If you are looking for such, turn your eyes to the Vector 150. Rather, the ARC 100 is the solid state drive for the masses. Commanding a low price averaging around $0.45/GB or $107 at press time, this series of SSDs targets users who have been holding out due to the cost. Speed boosts will be noticeable, particularly if you have moved from a traditional spinning hard drive. The standard three-year warranty that comes with the ARC 100 is lower than you would see from other drives, which might be the only thing I would suggest OCZ to change. Still, if this is your first SSD, the OCZ ARC 100 240GB is an easy pickup.

OCZ provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The OCZ ARC 100 240GB is a smart choice for the wallet-conscious users who do not want to miss out too much on performance either.

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