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At those particular FSB and divider settings, our test platform didn't benefit all that much from faster memory as observed in our benchmark results -- but there's one thing that really sets different RAM modules apart -- overclocking. After all, quality RAM are consistent in performance with each other, often within a couple percent -- this set of OCZ RAM is no exception. But not all memory is created with equal overclocking potential. Let's see what we can do with the Micron D9GTS based OCZ ReaperX HPC PC3-10666 RAM.

I can't do much with 6-5-5 latencies, so I loosened the latencies to a reasonable 7-7-7 setting, and used the voltage to the upper limit of what's covered under warranty of 1.9V. The maximum overclock I was able to attain was DDR3-1580 stably, which is a very decent 18.5% overclock under warranty and decent latencies. It's not DDR3-1600, but it's pretty darn close.

Let's see what's the maximum overclock I was able to achieve. At +0.50V over stock (2.0V), it voids the warranty, but for the purpose of testing, let's do it! Loosened to very relaxed latencies at 8-8-8-24 2T command rate, we were able to achieve an impressive DDR3-1840 stable. That's an impressive 507MHz effective over stock for an 38% overclock. Let me say that once more -- yes, that is no doubt impressive.

What do you call DDR3 RAM modules that can overclock 38% for around $200? Well, it's none other than the OCZ ReaperX HPC PC3-10666 RAM. We regret for not bringing this to you earlier -- it's been sitting in our test labs for over a month already. The OCZ ReaperX HPC PC3-10666 Enhanced Bandwidth 2x1GB memory kit is absolutely nothing short of impressive. From its consistent expected performance across the board, excellent heatsinks (Whether it's for real heat dissipation or of looks, it achieves its goal both categories very well), overclocking potential that totally blows you away, this RAM kit is backed by OCZ's excellent service and warranty as well. I can say this because I have personally gone 'undercover' -- twice -- and experienced nothing but positive experience from OCZ. The ReaperX HPC PC3-10666 is simply a winning DDR3 package for its price and features, bar none.

Special thanks to Andy over at OCZ for making this review possible.

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It looks good, and it overclocks like mad. The OCZ ReaperX HPC PC3-10666 EB RAM kit combines an excellent heatsink with legendary overclocking Micron D9GTS ICs -- all for a winning combination.

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