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After all the tests, let us go back to the question I have proposed in the beginning of the review: Is the OLALA iDisk ID100 64GB a flash drive that can provide a good user experience? My answer is yes. The OLALA iDisk ID100 64GB has two great features that I would like to point out. Firstly, the smartphone app provided by OLALA is powerful and easy to use. Secondly, the grey aluminum finish on the shell offers a good match for space grey iPhones or iPads. However, there are also several things I expect the OLALA iDisk ID100 64GB to improve on. The first thing is the size of the drive. This product is designed to be connected with mobile devices, but often times, I found it too big to be used conveniently, and it does not look very good. I suggest OLALA can at least reduce the length of this flash drive. The other thing is about the plastic cap. It would be nice to not use a removable cap, since the cap is always an extra thing you need to take care of after removing it. Generally speaking, the OLALA iDisk ID100 64GB is a practical flash drive that can be used on your PC, iPhone, and/or iPad. Its price of about $45 at press time is certainly attractive, since you are not just buying a flash drive, but also a storage module that interfaces with your phone by hardware and software. Just thinking about the effort that the developers from OLALA has made to make this device so much more useful by software, you will easily forgive the fact OLALA's iDisk ID100 64GB cannot provide the fastest data transfer speeds.

OLALA provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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7/10 means Great product with many advantages and certain insignificant drawbacks; but should be considered before purchasing.
-- Final APH Numeric Rating is 7.0/10
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The OLALA iDisk ID100 64GB is a practical flash drive that you can use for both your computer and Apple mobile device, although it would have been better if it was smaller in size.

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