Ozone Argon Review (Page 1 of 4)

By: Ben Joubert
March 24, 2016

Quite a few movies joke about the idea of if something can go wrong, it will go wrong. When the main character is having a bad day, they will say it could be worse, and on cue, it would start raining or snowing. Something will happen just to make things worse for the main character. Colloquially we sum up this experience as Murphy's Law: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. If anyone has recently been following the DOTA 2 Shanghai Major, they will be fairly familiar with the application of Murphy's Law by now. For those who have not, it was a jumble of mistakes. After the first day, both the host of the show and the production company was fired. The group stages of the tournament was riddled with streams cutting out, games starting more than an hour late, microphones not working, or the volume setting for the microphones being way too low. Needless to say, Valve was not happy. For the main event itself, there were still more problems. Just as everything was in the process of being fixed, and with most things looking good by the end of the main event, Murphy's Law had to make another appearance. The day after the tournament, the players' practice rooms in the hotel they were residing in was cleared, and most of their peripherals were lost. One player's car keys was taken as well. It was revealed there was a miscommunication between the hotel and the tournament organizers, but what gives? Today we have an Ozone Argon, a performance ambidextrous mouse for competitive gamers. If you ever run into a scene of lost gear, will it serve as a worthy replacement, or will it be one more thing to go wrong? Read on to find out!

The Ozone Argon was shipped to us from California to Calgary using USPS, then transferred to Canada Post once it reached Canadian soil. It was packaged in a bubble wrapped bag with extra padding on the inside of the package. It is always nice to have a soft bag, and I see no evidence of abuse during transport at first glance. Furthermore, the padding will ensure small bumps will not damage the product inside. There were no tears to the package, and the outside was in relatively good condition for our review today.

Taking a look inside, the retail packaging itself was a little bruised on the sides. There were a few dents on the outside of the packaging, and the bottom part seemed like it got a little bit squished. The rest of the box was in good condition. The front design is very simple, with just the name of the Ozone Argon top-center. A large image of the mouse is on the front with the LEDs of the mouse illuminated red, while extending to the top and bottom of the box. At the bottom of the packaging, it lists in few words the feature highlights of the mouse, such as the ambidextrous design, 8200 DPI laser sensor, rubber coating surface, and on-the-fly DPI toggling. The left side of the box only features the Ozone branding, while the right side advertises some other features, mainly the RGB illumination, laser sensor again, as well as some eSport teams who use Ozone products. At the back of the package, the mouse is displayed, with an explanation of where all the buttons are as well as their functions.

Before we move on, here are some specifications of the Ozone Argon, as obtained from the manufacturer's page:

Precision 8200 DPI laser sensor.
9 programmable buttons
On-the-fly adjustable DPI: 800/1800/4000/8200
16.8 Million Colors Lighting
System128kb built-in memory
Included Software for personal configuration (Windows only)
Adjustable polling rate: 125/250/500/1000HZ
Adjustable response rate: 2/65/125/190/255ms
Braided Cable length: 1.8M
Compatible OS: Windows® 8/ Windows® 7 / Windows Vista® / Windows® XP
Ambidextrous design
Weight: 125g (w/o cable)
Size: 124.6 x 66.9 x 40mm
Customizable Weights: 4.5G x 4units
Ultra-rapid response Buttons with Switch tech
Main buttons powered by OMRON
Golden coated USB connector

The top of the retail box is a flap that opens up, and is kept in place by a magnet. On the inside of the flap is more information on the features of the mouse, while the actual mouse is in full view below. The cable is neatly tucked away under a little cardboard area, where the weights are found as well. The weights are kept in a small and nice Ozone branded zipper bag. Under another thin piece of cardboard are the rest of the contents. Included is an Ozone branded sticker, information booklet for quick installation, and information on where to find the software. Unlike other products, there is also a small disc included with the software on for installation. Overall, the packaging will do its job to keep the mouse in place, and generally safe from any damage.

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