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With our physical inspections and audio testing out of the way, the paplio Dash has clearly revealed the true nature of these true wireless earphones. On one hand, we have positive elements that should, on paper, result in a solid pair of earphones. Its build quality and feel are adequate, even if it is made out of plastic. The paplio Dash also survived some unintended drops from waist height, which is good to see. Its IPX5 rating and ear fins also make the Dash a fine candidate for working out in. The more recent Bluetooth 5.0 with AAC support is also good to see. Finally, the quoted long battery life is much better than some of the competition and the paplio earphones was able to show this longevity in our actual testing. The quick charging feature is also handy when you do not have much time to charge. When the writing turns into reality however, the paplio Dash suffers from some less than ideal elements, with most of it coming in the execution of the audio quality. In our testing, I found the paplio Dash could have been improved in terms of clarity and cleanness. Its less than ideal characteristics in all three of the regions were mostly affected by this. The imaging capabilities were also a bit narrow, while more complicated music could overwhelm the Dash. At press time, the paplio Dash is currently available for around $60 USD, putting this pair of true wireless earbuds in a budget region. However, I think some characteristics in the audio quality should be addressed for me to fully recommend paplio's endeavor into the audio sphere.

paplio provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The paplio Dash is a long-lasting, gym-ready pair of true wireless earphones that could use some fixing up in its audio department.

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