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If you are a frequent flyer looking for headphones that will last you quite literally several intercontinental flights before the need to recharge, the Philips Performance Wireless PH805 will absolutely knock your socks off in battery life. They are rated at 25 hours with ANC on, but from my tests, I managed to pull 35 hours and 42 minutes at 50% volume. This is by far the longest battery life I have been able to get in any pair of headphones. Beyond that, the fold-flat design and relative light weight will make it a good travel companion. I also like its intuitive controls and easy pairing. These headphones, despite being all plastic, also has acceptable construction quality. However, there is quite a bit of room for improvement for the PH805. The biggest thing is the sound quality was not that great. The bass was solid, but almost everything else -- midrange, treble, soundstage, you name it -- were lacking. They should have included advanced Bluetooth audio codecs like aptX as well. Furthermore, the advertised active noise canceling feature does not really work. At best, it was an ambient sound shifter and music bass booster. Its passive seal was not good at the same time, so it had a hard time blocking out environmental noise. I was also annoyed by some aspects of the capacitive touch implementation; mainly It occasionally incorrectly thinks I want to activate the Google Assistant. Moving the capacitive touch hardware to the left headphone will probably fix most of this annoyance. The rest are trivial; Philips should use USB Type-C for charging, have a built-in 3.5mm audio jack rather than the odd 2.5mm, and improve its documentation. For about $150 at press time, it is hard to recommend the Performance Wireless PH805 with all these in consideration.

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The Philips Performance Wireless PH805 are wireless headphones with battery life that will knock your socks off, but the sound quality has a lot of room for improvement.

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