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After using the ROCCAT Magma Mini for the last little while, I think I have complex feelings about it. Overall, it is a good keyboard for the price. The design is great and it also looks pretty good even with the five-zone LEDs off. As an all-plastic budget keyboard, the Magma Mini also feels mostly solid, thanks to the use of high-quality plastics and compact size. For a keyboard that is marketed for gaming use, having quick response keys is important. The membrane keys on this keyboard are capable of providing fairly quick and responsive key strokes. The actuation point of this keyboard is mid-way, and it is pretty easy to get used to it. This keyboard also has IP33-grade spill and dust resistant, which is another benefit of having membrane keys at this price point. It is not a mechanical keyboard, but you pay for what you get. When you want to light it up, you can also use the ROCCCAT Swarm software to customize the five-zone RGB lighting effects on the keyboard. The software looks outdated, but thankfully, it is actively maintained by ROCCAT developers. On the other hand, the 60% form factor is not for everyone. Specifically, the arrow functions are secondary on this keyboard, which is inconvenient for me as I need to use arrow keys to navigate a lot. Going for the slightly bigger 65% form factor will retain the arrow keys. I also would have liked to see a wrist rest included like its full-size brother. If you really need a small form factor keyboard like this one, definitely spend some time on investigating the key layout and make sure you are fine with those secondary functions. In terms of price tag, the ROCCAT Magma Mini is listed at $50 USD. This is the same price as the full-sized ROCCAT Magma at press time, so make sure you know what you want before hitting the "Add to Cart" button.

ROCCAT provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The ROCCAT Magma Mini is a 60% form factor membrane keyboard counterpart to the full-size Magma, offering similar RGB LED backlighting and typing experience in a budget, compact package.

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