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ROCCAT Magma Review

By: Jonah Chow
July 9, 2021

With the lockdown starting to come to an end here in Alberta, I would like to thank the source that kept me going through online classes and prevented me from ever getting too bored from just sitting at my desk -- RGB LED lighting. In contrast with my discussion from the XPG Spectrix D50 DDR4-3600 2x8GB review introduction, I am actually being serious with today's comment. Having a rig with lots of beautiful colors gave me something to look at whenever I needed a 30-second break from whatever assignment or test I was writing from the comfort of my own home. It sounds mundane, but it just helped bring color to my room when I was essentially confined to it during the more severe times of the pandemic. And I think that is one of the many reasons why people drift towards RGB LED products these days. Visuals can really enhance a product, even if it does nothing functionally. A lot of brands like Audi and BMW have car appearance packages that are very popular, even though they just look good but do not add any performance to the car itself. However, it is very nice to look at regardless. Today, we get a keyboard that capitalizes on the RGB LED market by utilizing a full RGB LED-lit backplate. The keyboard in question is the ROCCAT Magma. Is the Magma all style or does it have the substance to back it up? Let us read on to find out!

Our review unit of the ROCCAT Magma arrived via UPS Expedited from Elwood, Illinois, USA. The shipping package arrived here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The brown corrugated cardboard box arrived in good condition with no scratches or scuff marks. The inside came with some packing paper to ensure the products inside were cushioned, which is also nice to see with shipping packages. ROCCAT also sent us their Pyro keyboard, which was covered by yours truly.

The ROCCAT Magma retail box is very similar to other ROCCAT retail boxes we been seen in the past. This includes the present when looking at the ROCCAT Pyro box in our photo above. The predominantly black color scheme is contrasted by the white text on the darker shades and black text on the lighter shades. The keyboard itself is front and center with the wrist rest attached, displaying the built-in RGB illumination. The ROCCAT logo and product name are at the top left with a US flag on the top right to indicate its layout. Text reading "Experience Precision" can also be seen at the top right between the US and Germany flags. At the bottom, text can be seen labeling this keyboard with “Membrane RGB Gaming Keyboard”.

Before we move on, here are the specifications of the ROCCAT Magma from the manufacturer's website:

Membrane keyboard
Transparent front plate
5 AIMO light zones with 2 LEDs each
7 shared media control keys
26 key roll over
1.8m USB cable
Gaming Profile

Height: 3.90cm
Width: 45.20cm
Length: 15.70cm
Weight: 870g

Windows 7, 8 and 10 (software support)
USB 2.0 (or higher)
Internet connection (for driver software)

Package Contains
ROCCAT® Magma – Membrane RGB Gaming Keyboard
Palm rest
Quick-start guide

Out of the box, we get the ROCCAT Magma wrapped inside a white translucent plastic bag. Another bag can be found holding the included ROCCAT wrist rest. A plastic USB Type-A cable can be seen attached to the keyboard itself. ROCCAT also provided a user manual that did not come inside any bag. Nothing else came out of the box, so let us move on to the visual inspection.

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